Brooklyn Bird Club Field TripsSpring/Summer 2016 Schedule

Information and Registration

No registration is required for Prospect Park or Green-Wood Cemetery trips. For all other trips, advance registration is required; exact location and time of meeting will be provided at time of registration. Car pool fees are required for some trips and should be paid directly to your driver.

In noting the need to make trip registrations more manageable and fair, the BBC council has imposed these guidelines:

  • With the exception of Prospect Park and Green-wood Cemetery trips, a TWO-WEEK registration period will precede all trips.
  • Club members will be given first-priority for all trips except Prospect and Green-wood Cemetery. Nonmembers and guests are welcome on BBC trips but only if there is available space at the end of the registration period. Drivers, whether members or not, will normally have priority over non-drivers. Full weekend (overnight) trips are reserved for members only.
  • Children 14 years of age or younger are welcome on trips but must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
  • Some trips have limited enrollment, at the discretion of the trip leader. So register early! In addition, most car trips require lunch, water, appropriate clothes for seasonal weather, and all the essentials you require for day trips.
  • Please call registrars as early as possible within the registration period, and before 9 p.m. Please be sure to leave your phone number(s) so that we may contact you in the event of a schedule change.
  • Status changes of a trip due to inclement weather will be posted on our Facebook page and also on Peter Dorosh's blog: Please check before leaving for the trip if the weather looks questionable.

    We hope these guidelines will facilitate the registration process in the fairest possible way.
    The registrar and information source for each trip is listed at the end of the trip description.
  • Images of Prospect Park meeting places:

    Grand Army plaza Stranahan Statue:
    Bartel Pritchard Square entrance: 
    Vanderbilt Street Playground entrance:
    Plaza St/ Union St Warren Statue:
    Ocean Avenue and Parkside Avenue Pergola
  • Jumping Birds

    Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Seasonal Prospect Park Walks 2016

    No registration is required for these weekly walks in Prospect Park during migration season. NOTE NEW STARTING LOCATION FOR TUESDAY WALKS.


    April 12th, April 19th, April 26th, May 3rd, May 10th, May 17th, May 24th

    Leader: Rob Bate or Bobbi Manian

    NEW STARTING LOCATION: Meet at Vanderbilt Street entrance (near Vanderbilt Playground)  at 7:30 am


    April 14th, April 21st, April 28th, May 5th, May 12th, May 19th

    Leader: Ed Crowne or Peter Dorosh or Steve Nanz  or Tom Stephenson

    Meet at the Stranahan Statue, Grand Army Plaza, at 7:15 am


    April 16th, April 23rd, April 30th, May 7th, May 21st, May 28th

    Leader: Dennis Hrehowsik  

    Meet at Ocean/Parkside Avenues, “The Pergola” at 7:15 am

    (Note: due to possible scheduling conflicts, leader substitutions may be made for some dates.)


    Walks from the Prospect Park Audubon Center

    First Sunday of every month, 8 a.m. (10 a.m. in winter): This walk explores the Park in seach of rare, seasonal and migrating species.

    Introduction to Birdwatching, Saturdays, 12 p.m.: Find out why Prospect Park is designated an Important Birding Area by the National Audubon Society. Binoculars provided (or bring your own).

    NOTE: These walks start from the Audubon Center at the Boathouse, Prospect Park and are led by Brooklyn Bird Club member Michele Dreger.


    snipeSunday, May 8th, Greenwood Cemetery                                                                                                         

    Leader: Peter Dorosh                                                                                                                                 

    Focus: Peak of spring migrants and songbirds

    Meet: 8:00 am at east gate entrance, 20th Street/Prospect Park West Ave

    (Nearest subway: F train Prospect Park /15th St station, walk 3 blocks west )                                                      
    Location gate photo:

    snipeSaturday, May 14th, “The Birdathon,” International Bird Migration Day (Teams version)

    A global event celebrating the beauty of birds and habitats; this event encourages fundraising for conservation causes.
    This year, the Birdathon IBMD theme is “
    Spread Your Wings for Bird Conservation.”

    If you are interested in forming a team with club members or friends, and will fundraise for this year’s conservation cause, or
    if you would like more information, please contact the BBC Birdathon teams coordinator Bobbi Manian at
    The conservation cause will be posted on the BBC Facebook page and Prospect Sightings blog. Funds will be raised for the Jean Bourque Duck Blind
    habitat at Floyd Bennett Field’s North Forty section.
    Check the BBC Facebook and the Prospect Sightings blog in the near future.

    snipeSaturday, May 14th, "The Birdathon Walk" in Prospect Park
    7:15 am at the Grand Army Plaza park entrance (Stranahan Statue)
    Leader: Paul Keim
    Note: Participants can elect to support the club theme (see above)


    snipeSaturday, May 21st, Doodletown, Harriman State Park              

    Leader: Dennis Hrehowsik
    Focus: Songbird migrants, breeding birds
    Car fee: $30.00 
    Registrar: Bobbi Manian, email                                                                              

    Registration Period: May 14th - May 19th  

    Note: This trip will be capped at 16participants

    Site Profile:


    snipeSaturday, May 28th, Linden’s Hawkrise Sanctuary within the Meadowlands Watershed

    Leader: Peter Dorosh
    Focus: Discovery of birds within a new club location; late migrants, marsh birds, early breeders
    Car fee: $25.00 
    Peter Dorosh, or text only cell 347-622-3559                                

    Registration Period: May 21st   - May 26th

    Site profile:


    snipeSaturday, June 4th, Breeding Birds of Fresh Kills Park, Staten Island
    Leader: Seth Wollney 
    Focus: Discovery of breeders in a currently closed-to-the-public future park

    Car fee: $20.00 
    Karen O'Hearn, email                                                                          

    Registration Period: May 28th    - June 2nd 

    Site profile: ;

    Note: The leader may venture to other locations and look at other wildlife such as dragonflies, butterflies, etc. 

    Date may change to Sunday depending on NYC Parks' permission.


    snipeSpring Weekend Trip, June 11th-13th, Birding the Bashakill and the Shawangunks Valley

    Leader: Mike Yuan
    Focus: Breeding birds, water and marsh birds                                                                                                                                  

    Registrar: Mike Yuan, email                                                                                    

    Registration Period: April 15th – June 1st   

    Car Fee:  $100

    Stipend for Leader (per person): $20

    Note: Trip capped at 8 participants. This trip ends Monday afternoon.

    snipeSaturday, June 18th, Birds, Insects and Odonata of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge                              
     Steve Nanz                                                                                                                                           
     Breeding birds; insects of  wetlands and marshes

    Car fee: $10.00            
    Registrar: Heidi Steiner, email or call before 8 pm 718-369-2116                            
    Registration Period:
     June 11th –June 16th     


    snipeSaturday, June 25th, Hiking Harriman State Park Kakiat Trail

    Leader: Peter Dorosh 
    Focus:  Breeding birds, Butterflies, wildflowers wildlife                                                                                                        

    Bus fare: TBD   
    Registrar: Peter Dorosh, or text only cell 347-622-3559                                

    Registration Period: June 18th –June 23rd      

    Note: Not for the physically challenged or inexperienced as some strenuous ascent and descent is involved up small mountains. 

    This is a public transportation trip leaving by bus from NYC Port Authority Terminal.

    Trail Profile:


    snipeSaturday, August 6th, A Local Shorebird Tour

    Leader: : Peter Dorosh 
    Focus:  Renowned locations in Brooklyn and Queens for
    shorebird and sandpiper species                                                                                                                                                           

    Car fee: $12.00 
    Peter Dorosh,  or text only cell 347-622-3559                                

    Registration Period: July 30th–August 4th      

    Note: High tide is 11:54 am


    snipeSunday, August 21st, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens

    Leader: Tom Stephenson 
    Focus:  Peak of
    shorebird and sandpiper species                                                                                                                                                                                

    Car fee: $12.00 
    Chris Laskowski, email                                                                

    Registration Period: August 13th–August 18th      

    Notes: Trip capped at 16 participants; high tide is 11:24 am


    snipeSunday, September 11th, Discovering Governor’s Island (new BBC trip location)

    Leader: Sean Zimmer 
    Focus:  Migrating songbirds, terns, debut location                                                                      

    Meet: 9:30 am at the Governor Island’s Ferry, ferries run from Brooklyn Bridge Park and lower Manhattan:

    Meeting location: ;

    Site profile/bird September list:;


    snipeAutumn Weekend Trip, September 9th-11th, Cape May Birding Bliss

    Leader: Paul Keim
    Focus: Peak of autumn bird migration                                                                                            

    Registrar: Paul Keim, phone 718-875-1151                                                                                   

    Registration Period: June 15th – Sept 1st 

    Car Fee:  $120

    Stipend for Leader (per person): $15

    Note: Trip capped at 12 participants; this trip begins Friday morning

    Site profile:


    snipeSaturday, September 17th, Fort Tilden Park, Gateway NP, Queens

    Leader: Rusty Harold 
    Focus:  Peak of
    songbirds, swallows, terns, early raptors                                                                                 

    Car fee: $12.00 
    Peter Dorosh,  or text only cell 347-622-3559                                                                                                

    Registration Period: Sept 10th – Sept 15th

    Location checklist:

    snipeSaturday, September 24th, Finderne Wetlands and Duke Farms, Bridgewater, NJ

    Leader: Peter Dorosh 
    Focus: Autumn migration, debut location species                                                                                          

    Car fee: $25.00 
    Peter Dorosh  or text only cell 347-622-3559                                                                                                                                                               

    Registration Period: Sept 17th – Sept 22nd       

    Site profiles: ;

    Note: Time permitting, Glenhurst Meadows or another location may be a late day option for an all day trip. Finderne Wetland is a new BBN location; Duke Farms is a second time club visit



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