Announcing the recipient of our 2022 World Migratory Bird Day Birdathon

We are excited to announce that the recipient of the 2022 Birdathon, which takes place Saturday May 14th, will be Green-Wood Cemetery.  We will be raising funds for the planting of native gardens along Magnolia Ave adjacent to Valley Water. These gardens will help inform GWC what native plants will thrive as they move forward with a new low mow bird friendly landscaping strategy. Ultimately the area will be planted with a native meadow once the best species of plants and grasses can be determined. We are making this donation in memory of Janet Schumacher, a long time BBC member and editor of the Clapper Rail who passed away earlier this year. Janet loved birding Green-wood and we feel this will be a fitting tribute to her service. Though it was Janet’s final wish that no plaque with her name be erected we would love for this area to be known as Janet’s Meadow within our community. The planting will take place at the end of this summer and will be ready for birds next spring. Please help us support Green-Wood Cemetery in this new conservation initiative.

For information on how to participate, see our website here:

We’re excited to introduce our new online donation platform, Givebutter, for the 2022 Birdathon!  This platform will allow us to track our progress and donations as well as provide donors with multiple and easier ways to contribute, including Google Pay, Venmo, Paypal, and major credit cards.

Be well, have a great spring migration and give till it hurts,

Dennis W Hrehowsik

President Brooklyn Bird Club