Participate in the 2017 Christmas Bird Count!

This year’s annual Christmas Bird Count will be held in Brooklyn on Saturday, December 16th.

The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is a great annual winter event that champions citizen science. The CBC started in 1909 as a protest against the “holiday side hunts” for the largest kill by hunters. Ornithologist Frank K. Chapman organized the CBC with twenty-seven of his friends and volunteers to count birds and in doing so, the event garnered much media attention. Twenty-five Christmas Bird Counts were held that day, tallying 90 species.

Since then, the CBC has become a widely loved birding event that recruits over tens of thousands of birders of all skill levels. Birders count birds in all sorts of weather, and their results provide a critical collection of sightings for the benefit of science.

Sign up to join a team, spend a day birding with fellow club members, then come hear the tally results at the pot-luck dinner that evening.

There is still time to participate! Contact Bobbi Manian ( to be placed on a team.