The results of the 2019 WMBD Birdathon are in!

Congratulations to long-time competitors The Laughing See Gulls, the winners of the 2019 World Migratory Bird Day Birdathon! The LSGs got the last laugh this year, topping the charts with 129 species.  All that PUN-tilious training paid off indeed.  Here are the final results:

129 – Laughing See Gulls – Chris Laskowski, Marc Brawer, Richard Payne, Leslie Coleman, and Josh Malden
127 – Cuckoos-for-Chocó-puffs – Luke Musher, Sean Graesser, Stefan Martin, John Small, and Jim Muchmore
127 – Timberdoodlers – Bobbi Manian, Dennis Hrehowsik, Kristin Costello (and a cameo from Tom Stephenson)
126 – BOOM Chachalacas – Eddie Davis, Chris Eliot, Heydi Lopes, HJ & Bob Washburn,and Mike Yuan
98 – Beasts of Birdin’ – Phil Davis, Kathy Willens, Benjamin Garron-Caine, Stanley Greenberg, and Tina Alleva
97 – Rowdy Turnstones – Jennifer Kepler, Chelsea Lawrence, Molly Adams, Jeana Fucello, and Ryan Mandelbaum
72 – Trees a Crowd – Rob Bate, Lenny Goldstein, Kevin Rowling, Martha Walker, Kathleen Ehrenberg, Kerri McDonald, Suki Maltby-Duggan
38 – Introduction to Birdwatching – Cyrus Baty leading

This year’s Birdathon has so far raised a record-breaking $12,500 for the Save the Choco foundation, which will be matched by the Rainforest Trust. These funds will save at least 40 acres of the Choco! A tremendous thank you to all who donated so generously. And its not too late: if you’d still like to donate, please use the donation link on our homepage so that the funds will be matched.