May 13th is International Migratory Bird Day, Participate in This Year’s Birdathon!

May 13th, Birdathon Saturday, is fast approaching. This year’s designated beneficiary of our annual Birdathon is the heroic Wild Bird Fund who just rescued 100 or more American Woodcocks during this year’s snowstorm that coincided with the woodcock’s peak migration.  The WBF is the “go to” organization in the metro area for rescuing, rehabbing and releasing any wild birds that have suffered an injury or are in need of medical care.

The idea of the Birdathon is to form or join a team and go out and count bird species.  Typically participants hit up friends and family for donations, usually a set amount per bird species counted during the course of the day.

Bobbi Manian  has graciously agreed to organize teams for us again this year so, if you have a team or would like to join a team, please let her know.  (Also, she could use a co-director if anyone would be willing to giver her a hand and lessen her burden.)

Please feel free to participate at any level you wish.  Some of us like to have a leisurely cup of coffee before setting out for the day and other teams (you know – fanatics) get up before dawn to try and bag an owl or two before the sun comes up – it’s your call.

 For those not up for a full day of birding, Michele Dreger’s Introduction to Birdwatching group will meet at the Boathouse in Prospect Park at noon, and bird for a few hours – all are welcome here without reservation – bring binoculars!

The idea is to have fun and raise some money for a worthy cause on International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD). This year’s official theme is “Stopover Sites: Helping Birds Along the Way” and Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery are world class migrant traps, providing food and cover for our migrating songbirds flying over our vast metro area.  Let’s go out and have some fun now that spring is finally here!